Thursday, January 2, 2014

petaminda,thoughts-mapping 1

this morning i realized i should documents any thoughts of the day in the morning after some coffee and eggs

- ironik? jabatan agama mabuk kuasa - mak anon

- power-tripping religious/moral nazis

-moderation in everything especially moderation

-putting meaning into line drawings = symbols = beliefs = tradition = religion = oppresor

- ket1dakpelbagaian

- ant1var1as1

-agama versi umno, tak mesra manusia

-umno=xmesra alam, x mesra manusia, x mesra kehidupan

-dari kecil dimakan suap tradisi tanpa selidiki, dewasa jadi zombiri-biri konformiti

-1234! cover collabo with 98B members, overlapped drawings in photoshop for the cover

- basically art is a documentation of your existence and where you are in time, google age of universe, earth,country,conceived,birth,current time/date, position on earth

-transgender people, lgbt people are all around you, we are real, we exists, thats' the reality, organized religion, religious authority, malaisea gov, please make peace with reality
-28 Dec 2013, Mak Anon

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