Friday, January 10, 2014

petaminda,thoughts-mapping 5

few days back i change my habit because have to leave the Philippines soon, so there's no more walking in the morning to the usual breakfast place and have a coffee and eggs, Instead make coffee or hot chocolate at home and start compiling what needs to be done. Subconsciously there's a reminder at the back of the mind, time is coming soon to leave and real soon. So have to straighten things up, packing things up and serious-sorting out needs to be done.

Yon came reach Manila yesterday morning. She stays at Isis, the place where i stayed when i first came here. It's a very homely place. Took her to the Chicken Bacolod and try the local fastfood. which is ok, not so processed like the western fastfood. Then we went to Makati as she was told Makati is the only safe place to go in the Philippines >.<' yes there are a lot of negative news before coming here to the Philippines, but its fairly safe. It's her first time taking the jeepney and the train to Makati. She get to experience the Philippines rush hour and what came to her mind was there's so many people here in the Philippines ^_^...after that came back from Makati met Naomi at her friend's salon, had dinner (extreme salty egg noodles) and then head for Cubao Ex where we're suppose to drink at Fred's Revolucion but was so so crowded, but found a space at some Grill's resto and a spot to drink, then later head back home around 1am. 

- Now rushing to put things together incase there's a need to do a presentation for my host (before i'm leaving soon) because i've to get Yon later and then we're going to meet Dindi to attend to my last trans pageant here for this trip. So will be continued...

Rush hour crowd that look like when there's no more personal liberty everyone's fist up demanding their rights

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