Friday, December 20, 2013


Once in a while we get religious bigots come prancing in with their their half-baked view of reality outside and shove their comments (often on fb). No manners!.
 You think your truths is the ultimate truths? Where is your manners? Where is the humility and an inch of consideration of other's view of this world? Is that what religion have produced? You just go anywhere and shove your selfish views onto others? Your selfish views of the ultimate truths is the truths?

Often its very hurtful when it comes to trans people and our issues. This kind of comments automatically nullify our life and struggle. To live fully, to live honestly and just be. When we have people come and spit out their own grand view of the truths and nullifies our existence, of course we have and should have a snapback with an equal force. Because you just hurt me asshole.  Since we're young a child and growing up, we have to synchronize with reality surround us despite whats been spoon fed by our parents and people around of what's right and wrong. You have no idea. Because your version of ultimate truths sucked, your empathy dry. Back to comments such as above, every time i see this kind of comments from that kind of people, it made my hands twitch and brain working faster like dipped in caffeine and to level up and reply with an equal firepower. My friend did try her best to reason still within the scope of religion.

But usually to make someone empathize or understand with someone who s/he thinks holds the ultimate truths is a futile act. Often for these indoctrinated people their ultimate truths veiled their senses, there's not even a hole or a small crack for a view, perspective to consider. Regardless what I've believed in, and in that moment or time when you spit your crappy views out and hurt people, consider this first. 'Your god is dead to me'.

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