Thursday, January 16, 2014

Jpn day2

Yesterday was my first full day here and it was very interesting. Early in the morning Genmai san is free & his home is close where i live so we meet up and firstly looking for my winter jacket. We went to this thrift store around the corner but couldn't find anything suitable. Then we took the train to Waseda university for Sunagawa san's lecture. He's gay professor and talking about his experience from his community and organizing the Okinawa version of Pinkdot like the one in Singapore.
Then we had dinner and get acquainted. Talk about many things, exchange business cards which i needed now, after a few encounter of new friends exchanging business cards moment. I felt lost a bit.

Then we went to this infoshop 'Irregular Rhythm Asylum' where Genmai san do his sewing and stitching activity. I showed them my zine and told them about malaisea. One of the member know some of my friends back in Ruman Api as well.

After that we went back home, it was cold and i get some flu, stop by a pharmacy, bought 1 medicine for throat, nose and headache. i think it costs rm30. Stop by 711 and bought some buns and warm drinks.
Best part is there are 2 section of drinks cold or warm, even the vending machine has extremely warm coffee drinks. Which is awesome.
Reach home and feel like shit, even though its cold like minus 1 i really need a shower, so head downstairs bathroom and turn on the extremely hot water and not sure hot to control the temperature, the whole bathroom vaporized. I just dab my small towel and rub the whole body slowly, real slowly. Feels so so soooo good. I think i can't go on more than 2 days without shower.

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