Sunday, January 19, 2014

Jpn suddenly day 5

stay overnight at Genmai san house with Izusan,
wake up eat breakfast, chat, Izusan go to work,
chat further, talk about many things,...

suddenly its 5 days already im here, thats was fast...
2 days ago took a dump for the first time here,
yesterday stayed overnight at Genmai san's place
we're ready to go to Nishi-Ogikubo to meet Genmaisan's
professor, he got some business with her, She's a Korean
who's born here in Japan but surprisingly she's still have the
Korean identity and not Japanese.
We had a very good homecook lunch i love especially the carrot soup
with ginger inside, its the best carrot soup ever,

Days are shorter here in Winter i felt weird, after we met the professor at
Nishi Ogikubo i thought it was already 12 or 11pm but actually its just 8pm
so so weird...

before we go we walk a bit around Koenji, Genmai buying some curry powder and cooking stuff
and i getto go to this place fun and cute place, Vanguard something all the quirky stuff they have in there, because they know i was looking for a mug to drink at home lol,...
Found some interesting stuff but i'll buy later today. get s little sick, nose were painful because of the cold and flu and coughing at night, urgh...

The challenge today is to go to ICU unoversity and meet Ikoma sensei.
Ok, have to go now...

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