Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jpn day 1

landed at Narita airport around 7pm, the weather was 1degree celsius. Shimi san fetch me frm the airport to Tokyo station by bus around 1 hour, damn the bus for stopping halfway from the station, , then lugged my tombstone slab luggage all the way from Tokyo station, taking the train to Koenji station and split with Shimi san and handed over to Gon chang and took me straigh to the guest house. Put bags then hit the local 'community' bar where most activists,artists,performers, anarchists, punkrockers, hang out. It was Vegan theme dinner made by Sapako san. Had 1 of her vegan pie and home-made sangria. sharing and exchange stories about situation from each country then back to the house. Then i realize walking back this time, it was much,much colder might be minus 1,every breathe thick smoke coming out from mouth, and this time the cold making me speed-walk like Japanese, reach home, turn on the heater, cuddle up...since the airport the throat gave signs of itchy and feels like there's phlegm building up, woke up this morning around 7, throat not feeling better now a bit of flu. urgh~...but i'm here ^_^

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