Sunday, January 5, 2014

petaminda,thoughts-mapping 3

so today nothing much this morning just still in the 30 second drawing state of mind

- was thinking maybe i should do the 30sec workshop until i'm old, another version is 1 minute drawing to punkrock (easier bec plenty of good catchy punkrock within 1 min long)

-this thoughts were on 4 Jan but forgot to put down here:
Thoughts on looking out through genetics/IQ/Gender/Race/Religion/Institution/Country/Borders/Hemispheres/Ozones/Moon/Galaxy....

-Thoughts on emotion
Human feelings (emotion) = motion
human like motion - walking,running,cycling,swimming,flying,driving,gliding,jumping,skydiving
was wondering what's the co-relation between human emotion + motion x gravity

sound + movement + emotion
variant speed/variant emotion?

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