Saturday, January 25, 2014


Today is hybernating day, yesterday i felt like i've overspend some yen so, during no outing days is the best day you buy cheap onigi from the konbini. It's the best time to safe some Yen. When outing its best to eat slightly nice food together with friends. Downloading photos from 3 days ago and start to resizing them. This morning also i realized there are some blood in my flu, then google nose bleed in winter and unnderstood right away the dry air in my room and no humidity. 5 oclock here feels like 7pm in malaisea....

Jan 24 Fri
Today, woke up early or more like sleep,awake,sleep,awake…talk to Genmai san on fb, he's feeling better since yesterday. Yesterday he went to IRA alone, and because i don't have a phone, i only see his message later when I'm back at home. I said, i just comeback all the way walking from Asagaya station and a bit tired to venture out to Shibuya or to IRA. Then he ask wether I'm free so can hang out a bit and meet up for coffee at 5pm today, Yay, at least got some activity. He plan to have a coffee and ask me to join him for his LGBT church choir singing??? Let's see how it goes…
Just now get to talk to Sam san, an American woman who's doing her PHD here about literature and feminism? and we share about the situation from Japan,Malaysia,Philipppines, South East Asean, Korean, American, etc etc, the society here, where to shop for tall people, etc etc
It's nice to hear hear that here in CGS (center of Gender Studies) is like an example for other universities to copy their resources. Like what kind of books, manga, other gender related stuff that they have etc)

Jan23 Thu
have a conversation with Rayna about registering to local municipal council for foreigners and suddenly feel alike walking and start to walk from Koenji to Asagaya station  looking for the Yakusho(District Ward Office) to register for my whereabout ( its a must for gaikokujinn?/visitor), went quite smoothly, fill the form halfway, help by an assistant who work there, take number and wait just like a typical government office. Meet the officer,a middle age woman, quite thin maybe she's in her early or mid 40s? asking some questions regarding the home address, she printed a map of the house and pointed at the map to double confirm, i mention Matsumoto san, and she found the record and agreed. Asking wether i stay alone in a room, said yes, bla, bla, bla, then done. Got a receipt, and left the building which is closing maybe around 530/6pm. Walking back all the way to Koenji, and went back to the same Soba shop the night before and eat the same thing, because its simple and delicious, Oishikatta desu~ i feel like its the only right thing to eat in a cold or weather like this. Walking back home and stop by at this shop where they sell all this rock tshirts and found all the original band shirts that i wanted to buy from Metallica,Megadeth,NOFX, other punk bands tshirts.
So awesome, the only thing is 1 shirt costs RM100 or 3300Yen. Then thinking if i were to buy 1, what would it be? Metallica Ride the Lightning? Megadeth? Slayer south of heaven? NOFX? Fatwreck? Sonic Youth? Black Flag? Misfits? et etc U_U'

Jan22 Wed
Sitting around in room almost the whole day then feel like walking, and walk slowly around Koenji and venture our slightly further and found a lot of interesting shop, nicely design, thrift shops, recycled or used clothing shops, a 100yen shop and also a nice Ramenshop and eat there for dinner, bc its considered cheap? 300yen (rm10) and it taste so nice in the middle of the night, phew~

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