Thursday, August 1, 2013

1st meeting with Kate...

Ok so, yesterday, There's a new person coming in and stay here at Isis. She's from here, she can speak tagalog, half french, but her mom been living here for ages. Currently she's here for a research and she's a performing artist and we click right away. Exchanging stories from Malaysia, Philippines, Melbourne etc.

Since she can speak tagalog, i tag along, with her since she can communicate with the locals. Today i have an appointment with Kate (finally!), so we decided to  meet at this mall called Trinoma. Its quite huge. After lunch with Riza nearby our area, exchanging stories about Malaysia, Philippines, Melbourne, we took a  cab to Trinoma.

Meeting Kate and we decided to have a coffee and we shared stories from each countries Philippines and Malaysia, our political climate, trans issues form each country and so on. Later we're joined by Dindi and Chloe, all these bold, amazing, strong Pinay transwomen from the same organization. Kate told us her story that last time, during her golden years, she was really active in the trans community and beauty pageant before she went to Japan and work there and come back here again and was offered a job working in a bank to support her family. We had a very, very, very long and exciting conversation mostly trans issues only from 3pm - 8ish pm. I'm really glad and happy i've met all this people. The energy was just right. I told them i was looking for an apartment to stay and with open arms, without second thoughts they offer for help looking for an apartment not more than 10,000 pesos....which i think is cheap. Most connections from the Women's NGOs roughly give about 21,000 - 25,000 pesos for studio apartment. Probably they think people who came here are funded and have budgets. but its really is expensive. Even though i have a budget for the apartment, if to be used but later i don't even have extra savings that can help me survive in KL longer after the whole fellowship is done. Even Joe's who's receiving the senior fellowship budget just settle for 14,000 pesos apartment plus he's staying at a high-end area.

After the meeting is done with Kate,Dindi and Chloe, me and Riza just cross the bridge from Trinoma to the other mall called SM mall looking dinner. Trinoma mall close earlier at 9pm, which is very early compare to SM mall across which is at 10pm. We found a place to eat, its local Philippin fastfood, but slightly less process like any other highly process fastfood around. The fastfood outlet here is staggering. I'm wondering how many cases of diabetes or other food related illness since the Philippinos love sweet stuff, fried stuff, process meat, highly process meat, every corner every end of a block you can see fastfood outlets everywhere. Jollie Bee is a Philippino version of McDonalds but i was told they're very successful overseas as well like the US and other Asean countries.

The night ends just like that we were so tired, as usual after coming back at the hostel, crash at the lobby for a bit, have a chit chat with the caretaker, shower and sleep. I wanted to email Kate and tell her how wonderful and amazing the meeting was but too tired to raise a finger, i just do it tomorrow....

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