Sunday, August 4, 2013

Meeting the community

Yesterday, i met the sisters here, Dindi took me to meet some of her community. It's one of her friend's birthday. Some transwomen some bisexual men, some gay men and a straight man. Its a mix. I was extremely welcome in the community. Everybody's enjoying themselves, i've to break my vegetarian practice and tried the local delicacies...and drink non-stop till tipsy and went back home around 3am. It was wonderful talking to the sisters and get to know the community even though i'm so shy U_U'. They even brought some boys incase i want ahem ahem..., but its the first time i'm in the community so i just eat , drink and be merry....merrily,merrily,merrily down the stream....i notice one thing, i often get the same questions from them, "If you get a Filipino boyfriend, would you stay here?", i have no idea, i never thought of that, i just shrugged and said...mmmmaybee...i don't Malaysian say,.....see how....hehehe...ahem...

Today, i just stayed in, so tired from yesterday, just downloaded a free e-book mostly scifi stories and fantasies :
and at teh moment i'm reading stories from a transwoman scifi writer who contribute to, Charlie Jane Anders. It is awesome, its been awhile since my last scifi novel. Her stories titled, The Fermi Paradox Is Our Business Model, another Six Months, Three Days, Interstate....and now i'm reading Interstate...Shhh!..Diam~

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