Saturday, August 17, 2013

Ganda Filipina

So yesterday was another looong journey. 2 mission, 1 to Escolta artmarket then to meet Naomi and the group Ganda Filipina. Woke up early in the morning and, took the train to Escolta for the art market. First there was a bit of complication of switching train from Line2 to Line1, but manage to reach destination safely via huffin' and puffin' and sweating all over like a bloody river, it wasn't attractive. I took out the cheap fan that i bought in Kuching and fan the face vigorously despite people left and right staring. 

The Escolta art market reminded me of Arts for grabs in Kuala Lumpur but they have it in an abandon building which have the nice feel of post-apocalyptic to it.
Most of them are selling their own product design. Some are quirky, some edgy and cool. Not sure what to buy, i ended up buying a used Picasso book for 200pesos. There was another attractive book titled 'American artists' which contain a collection of American artists from previous time, i was torn between these 2 books but i might come back and buy it the next time if its available.

So i left the place at 12, after lunch at this local fastfood, as usual rice with Bangus, i really wish they're put more greens on their menu, but that will be like praying and hoping. The rain's getting from drizzling to medium and brave through the rain. So from Carriedo station i went to the most front which is for women's section(that's right, they have it here as well) and hop on and off to Dorateo Jose station and walk passing through the slums on the left side back to Line2 of Recto Station,this is one end of the station and i'm going to the other end of the station which is Santolan station. That is why it is advisable to only choose 1 destination per day here. But i just noticed these 2 destinations last minute in the itinerary but just went for it. I had slight headache probably from yesterday and the rain water. Reach Santolan station took awhile to realize that i need to take a jeep or the big van taxy not Jeepney. in the middle of heavy rain looking for cab. Ask for direction from the van-taxi driver, yes to the right mode of transport, paid 30 pesos, cram in the passengers like sardine can and off we go. Stop at Metroville and walk in the rain with a tiny-gothlike-cheap-711 umbrella about 1.5 km before reach the house. It was owned by this beautiful TS name Lovely, she reminded me of the actress Monica Belucci, really beautiful. All the girls here or their group name 'Ganda Filipina' are what we TS community from Malaysia says 'Tak Pech Lobs'. They're all small size, petite and even their bone density and structure are small, the privilege of living in the country where Transwomen are free to be themselves from a very young age. Besides genetic, they must have taken T-blockers or start HRT at a very young age. I'm jealous of their bone structure. They all look like 15 year old girls despite the age. Some of them already gone through SRS, some from Dr.Thep from Bangkok, and one from local doctor which is the 1st time i heard about this, the name is Dr.Jorge. Then i find out this beautiful women, Justine Ferrer is actually a famous local TV celebrity for channel7 JMA and she share the same manager as Kevin Balot, another local TS celebrity whose keep using confusing terms like homosexuals, and gayboy instead of her obvious Trans self. I notice i kept staring at Justine, Lovely, Naomi and the rest of them one by one evaluating their bone structure of their face, their nose, their browbone, what have they eaten since they're young? Obviously no trace of FFS, only one girl i notice still have a cut besides their nostrils. I guess this is a normal scanning procedure for for a transwoman when meeting another transwoman. I noticed Lovely kept staring at my face as well, I found out later that day on the train back Britney told me they themselves couldn't believe i'm a transwomen, they thought i'm a cisgendered women, the reason why they stare/scan me the same way, i scanned them. Ganda Filipina girls are ready to go for their photoshoot at the nearest mall. I'm glad they have cars, or else i have to camp on the roadside. 

So Justine is driving her car and this is my 2nd time having a ride in a local's car, its quite comforting compares to long hour journey on a train. At the mall i manage to get an aspirin for the headache and minutes away its gone. Doing this photoshoot activities is what brings the girls together once a month, they're all busy with their own daily work and lives so this activity is like a bonding and share their stories. They're quite fun and there's a lot of laughter just like the other community from ATP. Just like my community in KL. Loads of gossip, laughter and gila-gila time together.

After that they brought me to a famous Philipino resto called Lydia's something something i forgot the name, which mostly western food, they really have a nice pizza and i ordered an anchovies/olive oil Spaggheti. Was alright, i tried better one at Makati mall. Talk about lotsuv things some about Japan and also my experience here in the Philippine so far and Justine's neighbor a gayguy who's been tagging along with us becoming very manja to me and testing me on my tagalog. I notice on the way back people in the resto are staring at us probably because of these sexy people probably same when i'm with friends in KL. I felt comfortable with them and i ask several questions before like so far i tried not to dress too feminine when going out or taking the train, there's still fear being taken advantage of or worst *knock on wood you know. I'm still blending in and tone down the dressing. But amazingly some people here thought that i am American which is quite interesting. The guards here, the fruitseller lady near where i'm staying, people from the university ask me the same thing, Which state of America you're from? I was like Ha~!?  

The experience with Ganda girls wasn't enough, i'm looking forward to meet them and talk more about stuff and interview them. There's going to be a well-known beauty pageant on 24th this month and i was invited by Kate to be the guess at the event, i can't wait. It's another opportunity to meet more of the community from here and to get to know them better. They ask me before a couple of times wether i've something to wear, good thing i brought the tailor-made dress that Fazilah did for me and a kebaya that i use like a jacket. Phew~

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