Friday, August 16, 2013


Captain's log, stardate: August16th 2014, P.Tuazon, Project 4 Quezon City Metro Manila. 

So today or last night was my 1st diarrhea case here fuck i dont know what kind of combination of food that made me stomach swirls and twirls, i slept early around 9pm woke up again around 12, good thing there's Plant vs Zombie2 i just downloaded so it keeps me to pass the time amd forget the stomach twirls. Slept again maybe around 4am and woke up around 9ish to 10. Went out in hope to see any shops around here for breakfast, but none, so i head straight to "Save More", a small convenient store or mall with a small pharmacy just down at the main road, convenient. "pause" while taking out the medicine and pop 1 now....." , Ya, the pharmacist told me to drink Gatorade for dehydration but after looking at the labels, they contain Tartrazine. A cancer causing agent that's been banned in European countries. So i end up with Pocari Sweat, japanese drink i think. Still bad but less evil.  Bought a Hainanese rice with Fish Dumpling for lunch. So so only. And now farting and somethings brewing inside alright, and it wants to come out, URGH~!

****few hours passed after some lying down and plant vs zombie2*****

Ok so last 2 weeks ago, Saturday, i followed Riza to her artist talk at 98B gallery and at the same time there was a talk on Yayoi Kusama work somewhere in Makati which one of my trans friend is going and unknowlingly my fellow Malaysian artist is attending coming straight from KL. I only find find out later from his instagram and facebook. By the way Riza's work is about people in transit like the immigrants or people displaced by war torn countries for example from Africa, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia etc. She work with mostly women and their stories and some of her work also depicting Philippino women who's working abroad and their challenges. It was a very good and compact. Her video help with translating the stories into raw and emotional human experience. 
She also collaborate with other artists from different practise. Its amazing how i get to know her from the Isis hostel and became friends probably because of us being artist, then move here to Project4, P.Toazon. She also help me navigating the city and teach me how to take the train.

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