Thursday, August 29, 2013

Manila top5 prettiest / Pork Barrel protest

I was looking forward to last weekend. Saturday night was Manila top 5 prettiest pageant and on Sunday was the Pork Barrel protest. 

Kate invited me to the Manila top 5 since the 1st time we've met because she was just being invited to be the judge for the event and i was looking forward to it. So last Saturday she came and fetch me at Greenbelt with 2 others from the community. We arrived at the place quite early around 730pm ish and was invited to eat dinner together with the organizers, i was introduced to other mak ayam besar who's under her are younger transwomen or 'anak-anak' the same word we have in Bahasa or in KL we call 'Anak ayam', the venue was at The Star theatre near the Star shopping complex not far from Makati area. The event starts at 930ish pm with a parade of colourful costumes extravaganza just like any other big pageant shows from Las Vegas to Thailand, they come with big accesorries some with wings some with additional extensions that help them look so mega-diva like in a good beautiful way.

Same thoughts ran through my mind looking at these beautiful women where in a country you could fully express yourself at a younger age and grow up gracefully into a beautiful woman without a hint of tostesterone-puberty-suicidal-phase attached to them mostly, there are some who went through the male puberty phase but not many. I was just gawking and scanning a hint of maleness in them but mostly failed. Bone density after male puberty is permanent if you don't have testosterone blockers at a young age to block them or else you'll get the bigger brow-bones, bigger feet and hand, shoulders and this is really important for us trans women to pass, and incase of some transwomen not just pass but become extremely beautiful & extremely passable. In Malaysia we have both small built and bigger built transwomen. Besides the face-scan for brow-bones, higher nose bridge and bigger jaw, i was really really amazed of their rib cage. Seriously. Its as if they stop growing since theyre 8 years old. Its impossible not to feel jealous of these girls. I only can admire their beauty and femininity from the front row seats. Some of them who are the crew of the event all participating besides taking care of the stage, being mcs, tango dancing, fashion catwalk showing the latest design from the community themselves, swimsuit design, night gowns, singing, everybody's participating in this event.  

Maybe i was a little tired i thought the event was a bit too long from 930pm to 2am but also maybe i was tired form travelling and walking around. The one i attended in KL before was slightly shorter i guess. The costume design was amazing, clearly they've taken a lot of time to assemble them, the swimsuit was ok as well i just like 2 designs and the fabrics used, evening dress was ok, some are outstanding some normal, singing performace by a cute guy, not sure wether he's MSM or just straight, the tango dance performance was so awesome. I already spotted 2 transwomen that i admire that night. She was wearing a black dress with a bareback and her skin and her ribcage is flawless. I think i have a ribcage fetish now. First she's taking care of the stage area, then she tango, then during her catwalk that everybody's just clapping to her the way she walk and struts she was full of charms and confidence blown over the rooftops, i want to be her goddamnit. There was another girl as well when she walk people just clap, these 2 girls was really inspiring. Seriously. It has something to do with her confidence, beauty and charms. I said charms because they use their facial expression as well not just catwalk. Clearly these 2 girls have their fans there. 

Earlier before the pageant started, they were introduced to all the judges including Kate, and also Kevin Balot!. I was quite surprise that she came and everyone's attending to her since she's the hot stuff at the moment since winning the Miss Universe Thailand last year. 

So after the event ended, i met Chloe that i knew from the beginning when i met Kate and Dindi from the Association of Transgender Women of the Philippines (ATP). We wait for a while until Kate was ready to go and the community there works very fast dismantling the props on the stage. Before we left at around 2:30am it was already drizzling and i left my little-girl-goth-payung at the theatre. I think this is the 3rd time i'm in local's car in the Philippines. This is big deal if you're traverse by train, tricycles, cabs and Ex everyday. It was quite a distance from the place to Kates house. When we reach Kate's home it was still drizzling,i felt sorry for the driver (forgot her name), as she has to drive back home in the middle of the rainy night. Met Erica again, Kate's cat for the second time, chit chat and i slept around 430am. I think Kate slept around 5ish. 

I woke up the next day around 12ish noon, play Subway Surfers on the phone and waiting for Kate. Played with Erica for awhile. Later Kate scolded me to make the place like home because i didn't touch anything including her food for lunch. I'm shy like that. We went out in the evening and stopby at a small local groceries and eat our dinner. They're selling soup-porky stuff and also like the Malaysian Ramly Burger stall, i ordered 2 egg burgers and chomped down vigorously. Then we walk to the nearest SM mall just outside the main road i didn't know it existed before. Bought some foodstuff, biscuits and mineral water, walk back home and stop over at Kate's friend's Saloon and i ended up going for hair treatment and chop off the half end of my damage but so sayang hair. In Philippines they say the same thing like Malaysian, "Sayang" if they missed or regretted something. 
So i stay over another night at Kate's and looking forward to attending the Pork Barrel protest tomorrow. Oh, Kate ended up didn't sleep for the whole night as she's busy with her Psychology test online. 

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