Tuesday, July 30, 2013

mission to Makati

So today, i woke up slightly late, the aircond in the room was a bit too cold, struggling around trying to cover myself with all the other bed's towel. Woke up and re-pay the sleep outside the room with the warm of the sun. Then breakfast. Still sleepy and today's start even slower, so lazy. Gather up energy slowly, still thinking to go Makati. How to get there.  After completing form 7 and email it, i started to google maps how to get there, 1st by car, then public transport, still any destinations out of this place is a lot of effort. You have to gather plenty of energy, suck it all up. Doodles the information and the direction on the sketchbook. Gather more energy. Shower and putting on clothes. I just noticed the clothes i'm bringing will definitely outed myself more as not local. So it took quite a while to find clothes that can blend in. Everywhere, people here seems just wearing tops and pants/jeans. Simplest combo.
On the way out met Chris and her colleague and ask for their direction to Makati. Their instructions and direction are more easier and simple. Off i go.

One thing none of these Tricycles would want to take me or anyone to the "Kamuning MRT station". I guess because of the big main road. The Trikes only works in the inside of the lorong or back alleys. But one of the tricycle uncle pointed me to a direction, just walk straight, then take a bus to Kamuning Station. I did, i walked then theres another group of Tricycles station. I asked and they replied everything in tagalog. I guess i can blend in well here. But i just use body language to say, it's alright maybe next time. Continued walking, cross the road following the other pedestrians, the road was like organized chaos. But cars stopping for people at least. I ask another young kid direction to Kamuning, good thing he understood and replied in English. "There take this bus", i say thanks and simultaneously running towards the bus, "Kamuning MRT?" i ask expecting for confirmation from the bus conductor, "Yes" he said and i hop on and scan very fast for empty seats, found, about 4th or 5th seat from the front. I notice the passengers crammed 3 people in to 2 conjoined seats. 

I ask again for confirmation from conductor,when reach the destination let me know. He twitch his head. Less than 3 minutes, he said "Kamuning", Ok, i think i can walk back later where i came from.

Hop off the bus and walk, scanning very fast whats falls in my visual field, i saw a train or MRT moving right front at 11 oclock. Yes, good sign but wheres the station?....keep on walking to the right along the curb and infront  not far about 1 km there's the station in bright blue....there's a lot of people selling stuff on the street, poor people selling candies, stuff that look like coming from Thailand. This scene is exactly like a mixture of Haadyai or Vietnam. People selling stuff on the streets to get by. 

There's no sighboard or anything at all. Climbing the staircase and saw the word Kamuning on the other side, ask the guard and they told me to climb another set of staircase and cross over from the top. The setting, the environment also feels like some bus station in Johor Baru...don't know why.
Bought the tix for 14pesos, pass through the mini checkpoint, bag-scanning and wait for the train. Train came, hope on and the whole ride, the scenery is a reflection of this country. There's one station that name "Guadalupe". It stuck in my mind. In malay it means "I forgot".Guadalupe. After reaching Ayala station which is already in Makati, i walk around, it was a huge bloody mall. Like Pavillion but extended version but maybe less glitters. Since my meeting with Kate was cancelled, i told Joe that i'm here. He came and we find a place, bought some sweet juices and talk about our experience here. Exchanging informations. And i learn something about being cautious taking Jeepney. Now i'm having second thoughts taking jeepney, how people usually foreigners got robbed in Jeepney. I can't imagine. Now i've to re-fashion myself to look like hobo a bit. After that Joe told me i better go now before the rush hour started, because its really bad. Followed his adviced unquestionably and walk fast back to where i came from, bought tix, hop on the train and back where i came from. This time i walk back all the way following back where the bus came from. Saw Jollie Bee the famous fast food here. Cross the road and walk straight up.....saw Matagag street and felt relief. But got lost afterwards. It happened very fast. I tought i knew where i was going or coming from. But i keep walking until i saw the Trikes, and hop on. Trikes rules. Reach back at the hostel and crash at the lobby again....and have a chit chat with the caretaker of the place and learn more tagalog.

Surprisingly here are some of the words that are similar or sounds almost the same with the same meaning to Bahasa Malaysia.
Mahal,murah,Akow/Aku,Tulong/Tolong,Ingatka-Take care,Ulam,Gulai,Kanan,Salamat,Hanging/Angin, 

Ok now i'm feel so Pagut pok, i better sleep. pix tomorrow...

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