Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ateneo, IPC, UP

So today after woke up Riza have to meet her mom. After emaling the Insitute of The Philippines Culture or IPC, my appointment with them was suppose to be around 10am, and i'm reading the email at 9:30am...After Riza showered and speedily leave the premises, i did the same, shower and this time i took the cab to Ateneo university which located at Katipunan area. Good thing the cab went straight inside the campus and i walk dam fucking fast wondering if i missed out anything,  which i'm not, good thing, Ms.Shyl introduce me to the new president of IPC Prof Francis or he ask just to be called Francis. We talk quite a bit as well sharing our political climate from each country and he also recommend me to a lot of other NGOs, human/women rights group, academians, activist groups, theater or local indie movie film maker groups, where to go to for get away like beautiful beaches but at the same time meeting other LGBT communities outside the Metro Manila. It was quite long than expected passing over his lunch time i guess. After that Ms.Shyl help me to get my i.D. card or was it student or entry card for the Ateneo uni, so next time i can use their library to do my research or using their resources. After that Ms.Syil heard i was on apartment hunting, she mention that there are also apartment here in the uni but very affordable like 14,000 pesos + attached bathroom,mini kitchen and bed. I'm happy when i hear this but how about my transisters? I told her i can have the contacts as another options since the sisters here agreed looking for a place for me by this Saturday.

Too tired and lazy so i took another cab to get back, i can't imagine taking 2 jeepneys and Tricycles back to the hostel. Stop around the area, went to this place called Pure Gold and get my umbrella, finally. But today is a bit warm, no rain....probably tomorrow.....hopefully so i can make use of my cute little black umbrella....

1st Manila mosquito kill

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