Sunday, November 17, 2013

Yesterday was a full day, went out from the house around 11am and came back around 11pm, Totally flat battery but i woke up this morning feeling superfreshed.

As usual taking the Mrt3 line to Escolta, switch to Carriedo station which is very hot, people there always fanning themselves with pocket fan, reach Escolta there around 11ish, walkaround, cool down the sweat and met Pabo again, we were so excited to see each other. I told him i gave his artwork on vynil to my friends at home in Malaysia. He got a this idea, he was projecting his canvas on the wall so you can see his hands and his son's drawing but he will ask his friends or audience to sit on a chair so as if his doodles are coming out from the person silhoutte who's sitting on the chair, i think it was a brilliant idea. Maybe i want to do the same in the future. As usual i was so impressed how he keep pushing his son's artwork and talent to people, i think he really is a cool father. Then i stumbled upon his another work which is a collage, a cut up pieces from a Black and White photography book but he reassemble the cup up pieces together as a superhero figures and scan and reprint them as postcards. which is another brilliant ideas for me. i've been contemplating using collage but not the usual cut and paste but he just pushed it to another level, and was just using the clear cellophene tape to put together the figures.

When i was walking around the market i can't help but thinking maybe the ideas come from the necessity or wanting to re-create,recycle, upcycle or repurpose things around you because in Manila some part you can see trash everywhere while some part are the opposite depends on which area.

Another stall i find interesting is aptly named 'Junkshop' because where i stay in P.Toazon or Manila for that matter, there are many Junkshops around. It's a place where people bring in recycled things that they've found everywhere in the city. And i see a lists in the shop where they'll divide the trash into smaller groups like metal parts,wires,carburetors,engines etc etc.
But this stall that i saw was so apt because they recycled,upcycle and repurpose the trash into art or somethings that we will use again like bookmarks, earrings,pendants,hair bands,colourful electrical wires into necklace and so on. I wish i have lots of ideas for this kind of things, they look so arty and pretty. Bought couple of bookmarks made form McDonald's coffee stirrers. and there are also some re-painted bottlecaps made into rings, earrings, headband which is so so creative. Was really inspired by these people.

I've also found a collective of artists who selling their zines, which i bought a few which is so superb. I never thought of Photography zines could be so beautiful. Usually the photocopied version was so so but i think because the artist got sponsors and use good quality papers but definitely his skill and photos tells a lot of stories as well.

Then i met Anjo, i knew he's going to be there to do portraiture of people and you just pay around 300 pesos that goes to the Yolanda's relief effort.

All in all this is my most inspirational Futuremarket events i've attended, some ideas from the artists here i feel like i would want to do it back in KL in next year for ArtforGrabs. And later in the evening we had a good dinner at a chinese resto nearby and after that we went to an exhibtion somewhere near Quezon city, im not sure where and dont know the artists but the only thing that attract my attention was a real ganja plant and the ganja leafs wall paper next to it. I was like ???? This looks real and ask around is it legal here to have this? hehehe

Ah well...

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