Saturday, November 16, 2013

Yesterday i went to the 98B Futuremarket event at Escolta, maybe i think for the 5th or 6th times already, there wasn't much people as the previous ones but this time i was inspired by some things, first i met Pabo again, i like him because he totally nurturing his son to become an artist and sell his son's work as well at the market. For yesterday, he use projector, and ask his friends including me to sit at the chair facing the wall while he draw on big piece of paper projected on the wall. It was a good idea for live drawing performance i told him, and after that i saw his other artwork he's selling, a collage, cut our from magazine, put together to form a series of superheroes. I was really impressed. And he scan the original and reprinted on a card and sell as postcards. Brilliant.

Then as i walking around, i stop at Junkshop which sells recycled/upcycled trash into earrings,bracelets from colorful wires, repainted bottlecaps and turn into ring and pendants,recycled mcDonald's coffee stirer into bookmarks etc etc, was totally impressed, how come i never thought of this before, i think over here i already consumed McD's coffee and totally look past the stirrer and only started to collect them today, the production/artwork of the upcycled stuff was good, and furthermore on that day all donations 100% go to the Yolanda's victims.

I already know Anjo is there to draw portraits and you have to donate 300 pesos for your portrait and i did, Some friends commented 'Pretty accurate' from the instagram photo. and i was jokingly ask him to make me prettier, just joking.

Night ends well, with nice dinner at the Chinese restaurant and went to this art opening near Cubao area. Was good. Spotted a ganja pot/plant and also the wall was decorated with the ganja prints. I hope people noticed it. But there was no name and description of the artists and statements.

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