Thursday, November 21, 2013


so today i plan to go to Makati to do my visa, the nearest Travel agent that i can do the visa is all in Makati (from my place Project4, Ptoazon, its like from Batu Cave to Seremban taking train), while Japanese embassy is even further south. Today i locked the day i thought i go this week is better to avoid the December Christmas Shopping frenzy. Left the house at 10am, reach Ayala station at 11am. Good thing the Travel agency which is inside a Thai hotel just next to the station. Submit all the documents and finish around 1230. Had lunch, and took the train back to Cubao/Araneta. Then walk like 3km to Daily, bought McDonald's coffee, took the tricycle back to Project4 P.Toazon. Reach the room, took off my sweaty shirt, pee and the phone rang. It was the Travel Agency, i need to back there and pass back the official invoice so they can reimbursed back my money.

Took awhile for reality to sink in, wore back my sweaty tshirt, called Euly the fruitseller auntie but her phone is dead. Walk straight to her store and ask wether her friend the cab driver is around but his not available. It was very hot today, it was scorching. Then she called her daughter's boyfriend who owns a car that is use to send people like a cab but not registered, he called his son, since he's free and he use to drive taxy and so he can make extra money. I agreed with the prize P500 to drive me all the way to Makati and back here to Project4, P.Toazon. Drove all the way, traffic was ok, a bit slow because of the jam at Edsa, the straight road that leads all the way to Makati. He drove into the wrong lane, got stopped by police and got the ticket for P300. Then to the hotel. They told me that the embassy is no charging money anymore for visa application, im not sure why and return my P3000. Phew, at least i felt good a bit coming all the way here and get some of the money back. Wait around 10 minutes and then walk back to Joseph and he drove me back all the way to P.TOazon. On the way back the traffic was abit more worst then just now. But i felt relief inside, its settled for today. Saw a very long mural on the wall maybe after Ortigas station until near P.Toazon.
Took some pictures, ask Joseph to stopby at the SaveMore supermarket and bought him a RedHorse beer. Actually i just need to break the money so i can pay him. Got back and feel so so so terribly tired. I hope everything goes well. They will only update me next Friday at the latest about the Visa.
I can't even have energy to draw for the 18 ways to become TransAlly now, terribly tired. Will start tomorrow morning. Magandang Gabi and schweet dreams world.

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