Thursday, November 28, 2013

Workshop on Gender-based Violence for Legal Advocates

Yesterday i woke up at 530am and meet Naomi at Matalino street, PureGold at 630am we took a cab straight to LRT1 station, i think its called Balintawak there are 2 new stations that connected to the Line1 lrt neat the MRT3 North Avenue. This is also considered my first time taking the LRT1 from the starting point until the United Nation avenue.

Had a breakfast at Jolliebee, just a pancake and coffee. Walk to the Bayview Hotel and Naomi preparing her presentation.  She was invited to present at this 'workshop on Gender-based Violence for Legal Advocates' and it was attended by 5 judges, Undersecretary, State Prosecutor, 15 Attorneys, a Reverant, a doctor, some women rights NGOs, and also another transwomen NGO's STRAP.

Naomi did her presentation by showing some photos of well-knowned transwomen and man from the US and explaining excellently about trans people are about and also presenting her case of discriminatory laws that exists in the Philippines towards transpeople and some existing cases before that she and her organization wrote some protest letters. Touching about the cultural roots of Philippines regarding transwomen and also the term Bakla as well.

After Naomi, Ms.Tam Maguad presenting her slides about hate crimes involving LGBT people, discrimination that LGBT and trans people are facing and also the legislation protecting the LGBT community. What interest me also from Ms.Tam presentation is the city and provinces that have Anti-Discrimination Ordinance in the Philippines so the LGBT community are protected.

After we left the place, i felt good what the workshop is doing inviting trans organizations and explaining what's going on about the discriminatory laws, legislations, Anti discrimination laws that was filed 3 days ago at the Hearing Committee and other issues face by trans and LGBT people overall here. The judges, attorneys are very open and listening, understanding the issues. I hope something good will happen out of this. Seriously.

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