Sunday, November 3, 2013


Finally, yesterday i went to the Strap meeting or their activity. I knew this from their facebook page. Which i find or seem inactive since i came to the Philippines, i mean not much activity for me to join. Yesterday is about Stop Patholigizing trans kids....interesting activity as they discuss on the issues, showed a video of young kids acting like beauty pageant or local slang 'Bakla' (in a way comes with negative connotation towards non-heteronormative ppl) and ask the 2 groups, 1 group labelled 'Affirmative' is supporting whatever issues tabled and another 'Negative' which disagree with any issues discussed...
good thing i join them yesterday & get an impromptu interview with the older member of Strap Rika, Joy and Dawn. Their struggle is the same like ours, they couldnt find a newer younger member to step up, its always the same ol faces, Rika is a tv personality she like other trans who join the reality tv show Big Brother Philippines before, and the one look like Yaya is a muslim and shes also acting in a movie about the struggle of being trans and a muslim called 'Model Citizen'....which was shown in NY, Oregon and other cities film festivals in US...
and last night they took me to this place that serve Vegan and Vegetarian food which is awesome, last minute baru tau, but the place a bit isolated, have to take cab, urgh, but nicely decorated with art, repeated stamped art on canvas which is beautiful, will definitely come again and try all the other vegan and vegetarian dishes here


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