Saturday, May 24, 2014


what happen in the Us and Australia right now....this is sad indeed...
as a transwomen, personally i've never have interests in watching RuPaul dragshow but many of my gay friends are a big fan indeed. And Carmen Carrera discovered herself through RuPaul's show and she was attacked by Ru's fan who said she's very ungrateful, this is complicated too longwinded to write at the moment but the feedback below are some of transwomen's voices that made sense why its against us and our struggle....

from the book Both Sides Now - a memoir of a Transman  (Dillon Kosla)
"Pg.314 - Transwomen 
Since this WAS Their Final Surgery, the three had all Been on Hormones for years But what stuck me as most extraordinary was just how ordinary they all actually were. And i came to understand why they hated the term 'Drag Queen "or" Transvestite ". For those who fit under such terms were typically and exaggeration or caricature. But theses were women . Ordinary women. "

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