Monday, May 19, 2014

additional notes

Yesterday, 30/3/14
Sunday Genmai san told me there was a workshop or conference by Sam Winter who shares his work and research. Sam is an associate professor from University of Hong Kong, Director to World Professional Association for Transgender Health and also a member of WHO, Working Group on Sexual Disorders and Sexual Health, Director for Transgender ASIA Centre.

During his presentation he showed some slides from Transgender Murder Monitoring Project where Mexcan has the highest casualty from hate crime. THe photo in the slide was just few months a go where the police is recovering a transwoman body from a lake. 
Turky is next after Mexico. Trans people face violence for who they are because they'r very visible in the public. 

Sam also show the increase of spreading of HIV in Asia where Transwomen are the highest 54% who's into sex work. 

The Philippines Supreme Court ruled that a family planning law is constitutional, allowing the government to provide reproductive health care services primarily to the country's poor despite strong opposition to the law from the Roman Catholic Church

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