Wednesday, May 21, 2014

deadline for CGS/ICU exhibition and workshop

deadlines exhibition:
Dear Shieko-san,

Arigatou! It was great to discuss further about your exhibition and workshop.
Hope everything will go smoothly!! (sending good vibes for you to draw!!)
Time is ticking, but let's work this out to create an exciting one together ne :) 

Okay, so here is what we have talked today.
If you have any question or correction, please let me know. 

Also, about the rainbow flag that you're thinking of making, I'm willing to help you with that. 
I'm usually available on Tuesday and Thursday, and also free on the 24th (sat) and 25th (sun).
So please feel free to ask me if you need a hand to paint :) 

【May 14 (wed) noon】
・send mao to ZIN info flier to print (shieko)
・description of exhibition (shieko)
>> about 100-200 words in English 
・description of workshop (mao)
・class room reservation (mao)
・ask how big is the exhibition wall (mao > reference center staff)

【May 19 (mon) noon】
> Event poster DUE and submit to Kato-san for the final touch up (shieko) 
* after finalizing the poster, CGS will start sending an announcement regarding on your exhibition through campus mail, FB, twitter and so on.  

【May 23 (fri) come to CGS @ noon】
Getting ready for exhibition preparation!!!
> printing out shieko san's artwork (mao)
> draw "transitioning process" on cardboard (shieko)
> DECO: carry all the exhibition materials in (shieko, mao)

・artwork data
・pens to draw on cardboard
・dress hanger
・dress racks to hang clothes
・clothing, shoes, etc for exhibition (I'll take some pics of my stuff as well and show them to you)
・many many laundry clips (for artwork)
・many many strings (for artwork)
・cardboard (already ready at CGS)
・handmade rainbow flag for exhibition (if you're gonna make, i'll help you to paint together)

【May 26 (mon)】
> Exhibition start!! (hopefully!!)

【May 30 (fri) @ 13:00~】
> Meeting (shieko, mao) -- go through shieko san's presentation material for June 4 (wed)

= following is about the exhibition and workshop =

Title: "Trans & Dace (transcendence): Trans* Issues Transcending 3 Continents"

Description: (shieko-san is working on it now)
>> either 1) trans issues in Malaysia or 2) art project conducted under API (trans issues in Malaysia, Philippine, Japan) -- shieko-san will decide soon

Period: May 27 (tue) - June 13 (fri)

Place: Break Area of Othmer Library Ground Floor, International Christian University

Artist: Shieko Reto (API fellow/ Researcher at CGS)

Title: "Trans*mission: Sharing Session & Art Therapy Workshop"

Description: (will be coming up soon)

Time: June 4 (wed), 2014  // 15:10-17:00

Place:One of the classrooms at Honkan (will be finalized on May 14th)

Language: English (No simultaneous interpretation)

Fee: Free/ open for everybody

Program schedule: 
1) Sharing information (30 min presentation & 30 min Q&A) 
・shieko-san's introduction 
・about the situations of trans* as well as sexual minorities in Malaysia 
・about grassroots activism of trans* community and how shieko san has been involved  
・about shieko-san's project under API (why, where, how long) and what shieko-san found out up until now

2) Workshop
- Art Therapy workshop (about 30-40 min)
>> purpose: translating one's inner-self and learn how to express oneself through art
- drawing session for shieko-san's project (20-30 min)
>> draw pictures under the theme of "how do you feel about being LGBT in Japan"

Things to distribute
> "I AM YOU: TRANS ALLY" flier
> ZIN information flier

Materials to bring (mao)
> Big paper for art therapy workshop
> crayon, color pencil, pen, color pen, pen etc
> drawing form for shieko-san's project

Reservation for equipment for presentation (mao)
> mac converter (shieko-san will use her mac)
> microphone

> projector

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