Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I had some few thougthts running just now, this morning, also yesterday apparently.

Lets start from yesterday, its in Facebook. Someone posted a link that came out on my timeline, he typed, 'i didn't know the Chowsky brothers is currently working on this movie.' FOr some funny reason i felt pissed. All this time, he didn;t know Lana Wachowsky have already transitioned, why the eff you typed that. Then i think somemore, maybe he didn't know. So i was rummaging the youtube for a video that might shed some light or educate or make people at least understand the plight of transwomen. And so I put the youtube video on my wall. Bad question to ask a transsexual by the transwomen actress Calpernia Adam. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjqsB1huDxg )
 I don't want to be preachy and reply and post on people's wall to educate people about my thoughts, preachy isn't cool. But in a way its a retaliation to his 'the Chowski brothers' post. I don't think he mean to insult anyone but it sure made me feel like i had to do something about it.

Today i saw his new posting again but this time, without the 'brothers' but just 'the Wachowski'
the url http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2012/09/10/120910fa_fact_hemon?currentPage=all
i don't know why but simple things like misgendered other transwomen can make me twitch. Sigh...

Today's thoughts this morning is partly because of the thoughts above and a little bit about traditions. Since we were young, we're handed down some set of our parents belief, thoughts, lifestyle and in a way shape our early lives. And for transpeople, we find this conflicting ourselves since we were young. Then we look for answers. (reading books, scour the internet, keep questioning things). Then along the way we found and updated ourselves to the new information that we have learnt so far. Because this new piece of information is so true because we are it and because we are the evidence.

But for average people (or some people call it cisgendered people), people who are born with the matching gender/sexuality. The information handed down to them aka tradition does not conflicting their mindset or who they are inside so there's no need to look for answers or question things and the tradition or system that are handed down to them is perfect. So they begin practising, live within the system or tradtion handed down to them without any questioning at all. So we have this people that make up the society. The society that strive on the old tradition, system who thinks it is perfect for them. Why update your beliefs and lifestyle. It doesn't conflict with anything in their self. Its perfect.

This is just to simply demonstrate the 2 differences of group in the society. It is not to say that this is a fact, because even within the LGBT community there are who still practising the belief system and traditions that's been handed down to them without any questions.

“Change is the only constant in life.”― Heraclitus

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