Wednesday, July 10, 2013

counting days

Here i am, thinking what to pack and what to leave behind. The luggage bag is still empty with other stuff like toiletries, medication & clothing around it.

I still remember the day i got the news about being accepted into Api fellowship, i was real busy and was freelancing at this advertising agency, Because of workload in the office i didn't feel that excited compared to my friends who i find more happier for me. Now i left all that behind and going to embark onto another journey. I guess i should feel lucky, when i told people, they were all hoping to get the same opportunity. Actually somewhere deep down inside, i am secretly happy, i guess its like another different phrase in life. Travel, meet people, different place, different culture, i'm going to be like sponge and soak everything in sight.

The luggage is still empty, sooner or later i have to attend to it.

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