Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Stopping Trans Patholization

Just what the hellz is Stop Trans Patholization? 
According to International Network for Trans Depathologization:

The International Network for Trans Depathologization, publicly denounce once again the psychiatrization of our identities and the serious consequences of the so called “Gender Identity Disorders” (GID). In the same way, we want to make visible the violence done to intersex people throughout the current medical procedures.

In a simple words, i think we as transgender people should stop the psychologist/psychiatarists from playing the role directly connected to the states/government and decide who or what age for the younger trans should be going through the hormone treatment and stop using the label GID to all transgender people because being transgender is normal not a mental disorder. If anything incomplete here i will update later. Some additional info: http://www.gidreform.org/

Btw, this post is about a meeting between Naomi of Ganda Flilipina and Mdm.Kate of ATP group the other day right after the pork barrel protest at Rizal park. I was there as well and its about Depatholization of trans people here in the Philippines. If i'm not mistaken the plan is to have a forum/open discussion somewhere in the university with the The Philippine Psychiatric Association or PPA about the Patholization of Trans people.

My thought was, wow, they're so advance and maybe in line with the international events about the Depatholazition of the Trans people, i haven't heard our sisters in Malaysia talking about this yet but yeah and i was quite excited i'm in the middle of something here, like witnessing a change or important historical events for the transgender people in the Philipines.

The last time i ask Naomi about the progress of the meeting, the Philippine Psychiatric Association (PPA) is a bit slow on their side because the members is coming from all over the Philippines, afr from each other but i'm so interested how things unfold for the trans community here in the Philippines. 

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