Thursday, September 19, 2013

PhilWomen on ASEAN Declaration

Yesterday i followed Mdm.Kate of ATP to a meeting, it was a meeting of PhilWomen on ASEAN (group of different women groups) with Under Secretary of DSWD for the inclusion of SOGIE in the ASEAN Declaration.

Im still a a bit bur about this meeting but i think for sure its interesting to see few women activists and trans representative and also pushing SOGI unto the agenda, but i was told after meeting the bill or the declaration im not sure has already been passed, so the activists are going to have another meeting tomorrow. I feel like i'm in the middle of something here, or in other words, i'm here witnessing an interesting progress for the transwomen movement in the Philippines. My temporary leave has just been approved and tomorrow going to the uni to pick up my passport, now i have to concentrate on the Singapore Bienalle. >.<' exciting but scary times indeed.

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